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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

1. Dr. Y.V. Reddy, Chairman, Prof. Abhijit Sen, Ms. Sushama Nath, Dr. M. Govinda Rao and Dr. Sudipto Mundle, Members of the Fourteenth Finance Commission, and Sh. A.N. Jha, Secretary visited the State Himachal Pradesh on August, 13-14, 2013 to hold consultations with the State Government and key stake holders.

2. The Commission met with the Hon’ble Chief Minister, his Cabinet Colleagues and senior officers of the State Government, for discussions.

3. The Chief Minister Himachal Pradesh highlighted the positive externalities of conservation of environment and forest taken up by the state since the last 30 years. The state, he emphasized, had made rapid strides in social sectors and in enhancing human development and capacities through health, knowledge and employability. He specifically pointed towards the high female literacy rate achieved by the state. He stressed on the issue of the hilly terrain which increases the cost of service delivery, while at the same time restricts the avenues of economic growth and employment opportunities. The revenue foregone by the state on account of conservation of forests and the indirect benefit accruing to the Country on account of environmental protection was also highlighted by him. He enumerated the steps taken by his Government to increase its revenue generation, and at the same time trying to restrict revenue expenditure. He, requested the Fourteenth Finance Commission to assess the fund requirements for the state on a realistic basis rather than a normative basis and ensure that the state is granted funds during the award period of the Commission commensurate with its efforts to consolidate the economic growth of the state and to achieve its full potential.

4. The State Government submitted their Memorandum and made a detailed presentation on the finances of the State Government, its projection for the award period and gave their views on some of the Terms of Reference of the Commission. The Commission also interacted with representatives of political parties, Panchayati Raj Institutions, Urban local bodies and Trade and Industry Associations.

5. The Commission placed on record its appreciation to the Chief Minister and State Government for the cooperation and support extended to the Commission and assured that the issues raised will receive due attention in the deliberation of the Commission. The Commission also looks forward to continuing interaction with the State Government.

6. The Commission will finalize its recommendations by October 2014 after completing its discussions with all the State Governments, the Government of India and relevant stake holders.

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