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1. Constitution of Fifteenth Finance Commission Notified 27th November, 2017

First Meeting of the Fifteenth Finance Commission, North Block, New Delhi December 04, 2017

Mr. N K Singh, Chairman, 15th Finance Commission calls on the Governor, Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Dr. Urjit Patel in Mumbai today Both discussed the technical and other assistance which the RBI could give enabling the Commission to discharge its wide ranging Terms of Reference. 07-December, 2017

The Chairman and Members of the 15thFinance Commission calls on the Hon’ble President of Indiaand apprises him of the progress made in the work of the Commission so far. 15-February-2018

Fifteenth Finance Commission invites suggestions/views from general public, institutions for higher inclusive growth 22 FEB 2018

First Interaction of 15th Finance Commission with the Members of Parliament held today 14-March-2018

15th Finance Commission visits Arunachal Pradesh from 5th to 8th April 2018

15th Finance Commission holds wide ranging consultations with different stakeholders in Arunachal Pradesh 06-April-2018

Union Home Minister holds meeting with the Finance Commission 21-April-2018

15th Finance Commission is visiting Assam from 25th to 27th April 2018 24 APR 2018

Efforts required for ensuring credible macro stability, improving power sector and transport sector and improving the quality of public expenditure in Haryana 02-May-2018 18:

Commission not mandated to consider any sectoral allotments but needs of the Indian Economy can not be understood holistically without understanding the needs of the agriculture sector – Dr. Ashok Lahiri 03-May-2018

Haryanas socio-economic development will depend on the reduction in inter-district disparities and improving sex ratio - Finance Commission 04-May-2018

Fifteenth Finance Commission constitutes an Advisory Council to advise on the matters related to its Terms of Reference 09-May-2018

Permissible limits on borrowings under Fiscal Consolidation roadmap needed to be equally applicable to Centre and States 17 MAY 2018

Fifteenth Finance Commission constitutes a High Level Group to examine the strengths and weaknesses for enabling balanced expansion of Health Sector 24-May-2018

Kerala, the first state in southern India, to be visited by 15th Finance Commission from 28th to 31st May 2018 25-May-2018

TOR does not inhibit the Finance Commission in assigning appropriate weight to multiple variables for devolution in a combination of rewards and incentives, Balancing the compulsions of equity and efficiency necessary– N. K. Singh 31-May-2018

West Bengal has performed well in social sector however, High Debt to GSDP ratio and Low Base of Capital Expenditure matter of concern 14 JUL 2018

It will be endeavour of the 15th Finance Comission that performance is not penalised and virtues of efficiency and equity are suitably recognised – Finance Commission 17 JUL 2018

West Bengal economy strategically placed, Legacy issues like Debt overhang need restructuring, should not become a drag on the econo17-July-2018my

Finance Commission to visit Gujarat from Sunday 20-July-2018

Gujarats economic growth impressive but GST remains a challenge – Finance Commission 23-July-2018

Finance Commission to visit Jharkhand from tomorrow, Challenges in Social Sector to top the agenda 31-July-2018

Finance Commission for sympathetic treatment to Jharkhand due to its peculiarities, reasserts its independence with respect to Centre and States. 02-August-2018

Finance Commission of India holds second consultation with economists in Pune 22-August-2018

Finance Commission of India holds second consultation with economists in Pune 22 AUG 2018

Finance Commission to visit Tamil Nadu from 5th Sep, also to meet the economists from the region to understand some peculiar issues 03-September-2018

Finance Commission of India holds third consultation with economists in Chennai, challenges in making projections for the award period discussed 05-September-2018

Issue of populist schemes needs to be considered in totality, North vs South debate is misleading – N. K. Singh 06-September-2018

Finance Commission to visit Maharashtra from 17th Sep, Intra state disparity and issues related to urbanisation to be focussed 15-September-2018

15th Finance Commission discusses range of issues with the state of Maharashtra 18 SEP 2018

Himachal made credible progress on macro-economic parameters, says Shri N. K. Singh. 26-September-2018

Chief Minister pleads for the ‘Special Category Status’ to Andhra Pradesh, requests for grant of Rs. 4.79 lakh crore11-October-2018

Uttarakhand has comparative advantage in Tourism, needs to fine-tune its resources, says Shri N. K. Singh 17-October-2018

XVFinance Commission holds productive discussion with Smt.SushmaSwaraj, Minister of External Affairs and other officials 05 NOV 2018

GST Council may have to take a view on the funding of NDRF - Shri N.K.Singh 14 NOV 2018

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